advice on becoming a wealthy affiliate

If I can offer one bit of advice on becoming a wealthy affiliate when getting started, it is to find people who have already been there and will help you through.  You can learn about it, start it, and do it by yourself, but it is so much easier if you have a mentor to help you through the way.  There are many communities of affiliates on the internet, full of people who want to help out the new person.  If you find one, take advantage and ask questions (but make sure to look through the frequently asked questions and pinned tutorials first!); communities exist to bring people together for a simple cause, purpose, or following, and the people who frequent them are there to help.  Use them!
Of course, you can try to become a wealthy affiliate on your own with little help.  You can read all of the tutorials from various websites, and think you have learned everything.  Then you start to make your affiliate website.  Then you come to a halt because there are a few things that you just don’t quite “get” yet.  Where do you go?  You may have a difficult time getting people to respond because of you not belonging anywhere.  But if you belonged to a website dedicated to mentoring people, you could peruse article and threads already discussing your inquiry, or you could start a thread about the subject or message an individual.
The great thing about talking to veterans in any facet of life is the experience they have.  It becomes so much easier to talk to people who have already been there that they have a plethora of hints, stories, and methods to teach to the young and new members of any group, career, or association.  Be a sponge, and take in as much information as possible!  Take the advice of the veteran when striving on becoming a wealthy affiliate!  It is the fast track toward affiliate marketing success.  They will offer little tidbits here and there, which add up to a very success business.
When you are a member of a website which offers advice, you can continually update where you are with your affiliate marketing business.  You can check in from time to time and tell the community where you are.  They can offer bits about your business and what you can do to achieve a much higher level of success.  This is a powerful motivational tool, because they will root for your success and help you achieve it.  Perhaps you can even ask a member to be your person mentor, with whom you could even offer a portion of your commissions to him or her for your successes.
If you really want to become a wealthy affiliate, find some people who were once in your shoes and find out what they did to achieve their successes.  You may be surprised that they have done and have to say.  Be legitimate.  Don’t ask for anyone’s advice without being legitimately interested and more importantly, fully dedicated to your affiliate marketing business.  In order to cut down on rookie mistakes, find out people who made them and learn from their mistakes!